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The Three M's of Home Ownership

Among the many reasons people have to own home,
they include having a place of their own, to raise a
family and to share with friends. Additional benefits
include security, investment, peace, pride and

Together with the benefits come the responsibility to
take care of the home for its livability and viability as a
sound decision. A homeowner’s concerns can be
broken down into three areas.

The maintenance on the property is something that
every homeowner deals with. Changing filters are easy
to handle yourself. Other things might require a skilled
professional but identifying the “right” one can be

Minimizing expenses can reduce the cost of living in
the home. It’s good to recognize when a repair is
appropriate compared to a replacement. Reputable
and reasonable service providers are key to keeping
expense low.

Managing debt and risk becomes the financial side of
the effort. Taking advantage of low interest rates or
shorter terms for refinancing, making additional
principal contributions are just a few ways to manage
debt. Home warranty programs and homeowner
insurance tips can reduce risk.

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